Employee Integrity Investigations

We have extensive experience helping clients in this area.

Conveys employee theft

As an employer or owner of a business, time is money and you hope that you have hired honest, hard-working, reliable employees. Unfortunately, sometimes those same employees end up taking advantage of the freedoms and trust they are given and “steal” from the company. There are a few different ways that an employee can steal from the company.

The first is the obvious theft of product.

The second, which happens more often than most people think is ‘stealing” time. Conducting personal activities, while on the clock and getting paid by you. This happens more often with employees that work away from the office, such as outside salespeople or those that work from home. This can cost a company thousands of dollars in reduced productivity.

The third way that employees can steal from a company is by stealing your clients, behind your back either to service them on their own or in hopes of starting a competitive company. Having a non-compete clause will protect you in court, but you must first prove that it is going on.

We have extensive experience in this area and have helped our clients save a great deal of money, time, their clients, and perhaps even their business.

Our investigators have been able to prove that employees who are being paid to work were actually shopping, sitting in bars socializing, visiting friends at their homes, and generally wasting time on the employer’s dime. Even at times working side jobs, all while being paid by our client.

If this sounds familiar to you, give us a call and let us help you learn the truth.