Can you find a relative or friend that is missing or I have lost touch with?

Most of the time the answer is yes. Call us with your specific circumstances. Read about this service.

How much does it cost to locate someone?

Each individual case can be unique in the fact that it depends on why the person is missing. If the individual is only missing because over time, you have lost contact with them, and they are an upstanding citizen, it could be done in a fairly timely manner. However if the person is missing because he or she has several warrants from several different jurisdictions, the individual could be much more difficult and time consuming to locate. Once we understand the specifics surrounding your case we will be able to give you a cost estimate.

What from of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards, Paypal, checks, and yes we still accept cash.

Once you locate the individual, do you give me their address and phone number?

No, for safety and the protection of the individual we locate, we are ethically bound to protect their privacy. That said we will give the person your contact information and any letter or information you may want to pass on and at that point, it is up to them as to whether they wish to contact you.

What is a background search and what does it include? When you conduct a background search on an individual does it include national arrests and warrants?

A background search means different things to different people. Some people want information pertaining to criminal, civil, and arrest history or proceedings while someone else may want information pertaining to someone’s activities, character, etc, requiring us to interview friends, neighbors, and relatives, wherever the individual has lived. With regards to a national search of criminal and civil arrest history, the most thorough search is the NCIC (The National Crime Information Center) to which only law enforcement personnel have legal access. We do, however, work with local investigators in other states to legally access records from their states. Because the search criteria are different for everyone, we customize every background search to your specific needs.

Does infidelity help me in gaining custody of my children?

All states are different but Colorado is a no-fault state and will therefore have no bearing on either divorce, alimony, or child custody.

Can I record his/her conversations?

All states are different but Colorado is a one-party state which means that legally at least one person being recorded must know that they are being recorded. To be clear, we do not conduct audio recordings of conversations that we are not a party to.

Will you be able to put a GPS tracker on his/her vehicle so that I can see where they go at all times?

Each state has its own unique laws surrounding the use of GPS tracking. In Colorado, it is NOT legal.

Do you offer TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, commonly referred to as sweeping for electronic bugs)?

We do not offer that service however through our network of associates can connect you with other investigators that specialize in this area. This is true with many areas of investigation. If we don’t offer the particular type of investigation that you need, we will connect you with a professional private investigator who can assist you.

I think my spouse is cheating what can you do?

We can conduct surveillance on the individual and document their activities. Anytime they are in a public place we will videotape them and document their activities in a report.

What if my spouse goes to a motel or into a private residence? Is it like on TV where you can videotape through a window?

Like in many cases, what you see on TV is not what it is like in the real world. In fact, it is illegal to “spy or videotape” someone through a private window. We will make every effort to document them while they are entering this type of facility, which will give you the information that you desire. This is why it is very important to hire a professional, licensed private investigator who not only knows the law but also maintains ethical practices.




How does surveillance work and what will you need to get started?

First, we need a signed contract in place and a retainer for the expected amount for the cost of the investigation. Then as much information as you can provide about the subject of the investigation, including photographs, vehicles the subject drives or has access to, driving habits, places frequented, hobbies, the subject’s level of awareness, etc, can all be helpful to the success of the investigation. We then need a location where the subject is known to be, so we can begin the surveillance.

When I hire you to conduct surveillance, when does the clock start ticking on my case, and when are you off the clock?

A. When the investigator leaves the office to go to the location, the investigator is officially on the clock and they are off the clock when they arrive back at the office or their final destination.

What documentation will I get from you?

You will be provided with a detailed report as well as a copy of any applicable media obtained during the case.

Do you guarantee results?

No. With surveillance as in any investigation, there are always variables that come into play and most investigations have their own unique set of circumstances. However hiring a licensed, professional private investigator with over three decades of surveillance experience, means you will be placing your case in the hands of one of the most experienced surveillance companies in the state of Colorado. What we DO guarantee is we will give 110% effort to your investigation and report the facts honestly and without bias.