Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigations is our specialty and area of expertise.

Insurance fraud investigations are our specialty and area of expertise. We have conducted surveillance throughout Colorado and Wyoming and in conjunction with our network of associates, have completed cases in all corners of the United States under a variety of conditions and for all types of investigations. Our clients consist of large and small insurance companies, insurance defense attorneys as well as many large and small businesses. The investigators at CPI have the experience, knowledge of the law, tenacity, and creativity, to get the results you want. Our efforts have resulted in reduced claims and settlements totaling millions of dollars for our clients. Our experience along with knowledge of Colorado, its cities, towns, and varied terrain, are contributing factors assuring that an investigation is conducted legally, efficiently, and effectively.

We have been known to go the extra mile for our clients including climbing down into a mine shaft, renting a plane to fly over a rural dense forest, or skiing down a mountain to get the video evidence our clients need. Visit our page on real-life investigations under “Find Out More” above.

An example of the type of results CPI has achieved includes having one subject sentenced to paying restitution of over $50,000 as well as having a felony conviction. In another case, a subject who had a 20-year running claim was seeking a settlement in excess of 1-million dollars. CPI was able to obtain significant evidence to refute the claim, which greatly reduced the settlement to around $75,000. Many of our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced claims.

With our decades of experience testifying in court, you can be confident that our investigators will present the evidence of your case in a professional and comprehensive manner.

Put us to work and let us help fight insurance fraud for you!