We Can Help Locate an Old Friend
or Relative

Hiring a private investigator may get the results you’re looking for.

We often receive calls from people wanting to locate an old friend or family member they have lost touch with. Having already tried the cheap online locating websites and finding out that much of the information they received is either outdated or just not accurate they realize that hiring a licensed private investigator can get you the results and reunion that you are looking for.

There is one caveat to consider when requesting such a search… First off, it’s important to accept that everyone has a right to privacy and may not want to be found. Additionally, as a professional and ethical investigative firm, we will not directly give you the contact information of the person you are looking for. We will however contact them for you and let them know you are wishing to reconnect, giving them your information. We can also forward a letter to them from you if you choose. Doing it this way gives the person a choice to contact you or not. In most case we find that the “missing” person is usually happy to hear from you!

For example: We were recently hired by an individual searching for a family friend from many years back. Both lived in California at that time, but our client now resides in Colorado and was referred to us by a local attorney. After extensive searching we were not only able to find the individual, who also lives in Colorado, we found that in fact they only lived about 20 miles from the person who was looking for them. This was another happy reunion and both were surprised to find out that they lived only miles from one another.