Today’s Private Investigator

Ask anybody who has never had the opportunity to know, hire or deal with a private investigator, and you will get the TV version of what we have all come to know. The shady character who meets with the client in a darkened back alley, to receive $100 in cash, to hand over some private, illegally obtained information. If TV is the only exposure a person has had to private investigators, it is not surprising that the general public believes private investigators will hack or illegally access ANY information the client wants. For most private investigators, this could not be further from the truth.

Today’s private investigators are generally professionals who have a strong desire to help people but an even stronger desire to stay out of prison, and therefore will do what we can to LEGALLY help our clients. We spend a significant amount of time educating clients about what we can and can not do. Keep in mind, if your private investigator is willing to break the law, not only will the evidence that is gathered be thrown out of court, but you are just as complicit as the investigator and might find yourself spending time in the gray bar hotel.

An ethical, professional investigator is happy to spend time talking to client’s about the ways we might be able to help, and at CPI if it is out of our area of expertise, we will gladly refer you to an associate who specializes in the type of investigations you need. We understand that not everyone understands what we can legally access and largely due to the television version of the private investigator, there are a lot of misconceptions, leading to a lot of expectations by the public. We WILL do everything we can to legally assist you with your goals and most times can come up with ways to investigate your case, so you will have evidence that can be presented in court, to get you your desired results.

CPI has supported the mandatory licensing of private investigators in Colorado. Licensing is done at the state level and there are only a handful of states that still do not have mandatory licensing of PI’s. To check for a Colorado licensed private investigator you can contact the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. We also spend a significant amount of time at our State Capitol talking to Colorado Representatives and Senators about bills that they sponsor or laws that have been passed.