Cheating Spouse

It is a very difficult situation when you suspect a loved one of cheating on you and the worse part is the “not knowing for sure.” We field calls all the time of people who suspect spousal infidelity, wanting to know if we can help. The phone call usually starts with “I have never done anything like this, but I need to hire a private investigator.” You are not alone with your situation and we understand how difficult it is to pick up the phone and make that first phone call. But rest assured, we understand your situation and would like nothing more than to find out that your suspicions are unfounded and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your spouse.

Many people try to find out for themselves or have a friend follow their spouse. That is not advised as often times the spouse discovers somebody trying to do this, who is not a professional. If you decide that you want to find out, call a professional investigator. The initial consultation is FREE, so call us and see if we can help you.