Summer Surveillance

We hear it every year and justifiably so, be sure not to leave your children or pets in a hot car in the summer. Those of us in the surveillance business would agree 100% with that statement, but then there is always a part of us thinking, “What are we doing?”

Many clients or those not in the business of investigations do not understand the reality of how surveillance is conducted and how often the surveillance investigator is at the mercy of the elements to an extreme degree. Surveillance by nature, often times requires the investigator to sit stationary in a vehicle for numerous hours at a time, without moving or starting the vehicle and many times that vehicle has to be completely closed up. Ironic, it sounds exactly like the warnings that we get every year of what NOT to do. Many people who watch the TV version of the private investigator will see the investigator sitting in ideal temperatures and ideal conditions or sitting in a residential area with the engine running for heat or cooling. I can tell you that after 30+ years of conducting surveillance it is extremely rare (but very welcome) when you are working in a location where that is applicable. Imagine if somebody was sitting in front of your house for 8-10 hours with the engine running. It just might arouse your suspicion and the entire concept of a private investigator who is conducting surveillance is to be discreet and unrecognizable.

Private investigators who conduct surveillance are always looking for the newest and best portable cooling or heating (for winter) devices, however few have been ideal for 8-10 hours of performance.

That is why if you say to somebody that you shouldn’t leave their children or pets in their hot vehicles and they agree with you, but get a little bit of a smirk, you just might be talking to a surveillance investigator.