An experienced Colorado licensed private investigator can conduct surveillance to assist you with your needs in a variety of cases. Surveillance can be a great tool when you are involved in a domestic situation such as separation or divorce. Depending on where your case was filed (in Colorado or in another state) the results can benefit your case in varying ways.

The most common reason an individual might hire a Colorado licensed private investigator is to verify suspicions of infidelity. These types of investigations are conducted every day, all over the country. We understand that this is often a difficult first phone call to make. Let us make you feel at ease by allowing you to talk to a professional investigator, to discuss your needs, free of charge. That’s right, the initial consultation is always free.

Another example would be if you are paying alimony, yet your significant other is discretely living with another party who is contributing to the household budget, if not completely supporting your ex. Should you then be responsible for the same amount of alimony? Placing the residence under surveillance can give you the proof you need to go back into court and ask for a review of the financial situation.

One more example would be to place the other party under surveillance to see what type of individuals they might associate with and if your children are exposed to people of questionable character or placed in dangerous situations.

These are all examples from real cases handled by the investigators of Night Moves of Denver. Call us today to see if surveillance can assist you with your case.