Today’s Professional Private Investigator

The general perception of a private investigator is a person wearing a trench coat and arranging a meeting in a back alley to accept money, to gather information by some nefarious means. Often times clients believe that private investigators “pay somebody off” to obtain information that they have been unable to ascertain. This image comes from the TV version of PI’s and is very different than the real world private investigator.


The professional private investigator of today is exactly that, a professional. The modern day private investigator is well aware that any information which is not obtained legally, will certainly be challenged in court with the possibility that the information will be thrown out, therefore hindering the clients case.


As a private investigator we are asked all the time if we can obtain information that might be illegal or unethical. Most people still have the old perception of a “shady” PI, but you will find that most investigators will not do anything to jeopardize losing their PI license, or worse….end up in jail.


You can often find the modern day private investigator sitting in a conference room, meeting with attorneys, discussing strategy on how to best approach an investigation, to help the attorneys client. A private investigator might also be out interviewing witnesses who might be pertinent to a case. Whatever the case might be, you will find that a private investigator is a representative of the client and therefore should at all times present themselves as professionals while giving total  respect to all parties involved in a case.


Today’s private investigator should not be a person that one would have concern’s about and should be somebody that a person can turn to in a time of need. The private investigator is who the general public should count on if law enforcement is unable to help with their situation. Often times we get called because no law has been broken, however our client believes that somebody is not who they say they are and it is our job to prove if their suspicions are accurate or not. Our job is to find the truth and that is what we strive for with each and every case.